Regular workshops for students of Kabbalah and also for students of Tarot are held during the year.

Please email for details of venues, costs and registration.

Kabbalah and Exodus

At the same time of year we celebrate the festivals of Easter and Passover, festivals of rebirth. The story of Exodus in the Bible is an allegorical myth of escape from confinement.

In this workshop we will collectively and personally identify the phases of life that correspond to this story of the struggle for rebirth. We will examine our own journeys from confinement to freedom – what precipitated them, how we were guided, when we found direction and when and where we arrived. We will anticipate further journeys and learn to recognise when we are trapped and need to hasten the move.

We use Kabbalah, myth and practical exercises to arrive at our destination.

Lilith the Betrayed

In Hebrew mythology, Lilith is seen as the Demon of the Night and throughout the centuries has come to symbolise the patriarchy’s fear of the feminine as dark and evil.

In this workshop (for women only) we will explore the myth of Lilith and attempt to come to an understanding of the processes of resentment, rejection, exile, release and redemption. It is only through the reconciliation of these processes in ourselves that we are able to achieve balance, integration and wholeness.

Reincarnation and Death

The term used in Kabbalah to explain reincarnation means “wheels” or “turning”.

In this workshop we will examine the Kabbalistic teaching that each soul will return until it has completed its evolution toward perfection.

Using the Tree of Life we will examine our own path for this lifetime and look at what tools we have been given from past lifetimes to help us complete this journey.

Astrology on the Tree of Life

This one day workshop is for students of Kabbalah who have a basic knowledge of Astrology. Students will learn how to place their natal and solar return charts on the Tree of Life to gain a deeper understanding of the influence of the planets on this lifetime.

Our natal charts provide a map of the possibilities of this life. The Tree of Life is a map of our spiritual and psychological evolution. By combining these two systems we have a graphic description of this incarnation and how we can work towards a greater balance and equilibrium in our lives.