Evelynne Joffe has been teaching the Kabbalah in Melbourne for almost 20 years and is a recognised writer and lecturer on the subject. A beginner’s course of one year is offered face-to-face in Melbourne and in 2021 it  will be offered online. In addition, there are optional advanced groups, although most students choose to deepen their understanding of Kabbalah through life experience.

Regular weekly meditation classes are also held in Melbourne for those who have studied the basic course.

This video provides an overview of  the first section of the beginner’s course – the 10 sephirot on the Tree of Life.

Course overview

The word Kabbalah literally means ‘to receive’ and for centuries, this secret tradition was handed down as part of the oral esoteric teaching of Judaism. The Kabbalah forms the basis of all of today’s Western mystery traditions. Kabbalah is a training, a way of life, a way of personal development and an aid to understanding our relationships with others.

In these classes, held over four terms, students will focus on individual development and self-awareness. The year will be spent learning and understanding the Tree of Life, the glyph or map of the Kabbalah. Students will work with the spheres, or sephirot, on the Tree to understand how they can be used as a map of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Once the sephirot are understood, students will move on to more advanced and subjective work in exploring the 22 paths of the tree that link the sephirot. These paths represent the experiences we all undergo in transferring awareness from one sephirah, or facet of individual consciousness to another. This will give the student, at the very least, a greater understanding of human relationships, an idea of how to achieve more balance in life and an ability to focus on priorities.

Use will be made of symbols and myths, as well as basic teachings on the esoteric meaning of the Hebrew alphabet which is a vital part of the teaching of the Kabbalah. The letters will be placed on the Tree of Life and studied together with other relevant symbols. This is an immensely valuable course, designed for the beginner, with a psychological rather than religious emphasis.

Reading is encouraged and a reading list will be provided.

The Beginner Kabbalah course will be offered online through weekly classes in 2022.
There will be four terms of eight weeks each, starting mid February.

Please send any enquiries to evjoffe@gmail.com